Best Resources For Planning Your Wedding: A Guide by Tri-Cities Best DJ’s

You’re Engaged!!!

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting times of your life. You’ve found the person to dedicate your life to… but wedding planning can seem like a very overwhelming process. The honest truth is that planning a wedding is stressful but there are ways to make it super fun! Organizing an event of this size and significance isn’t easy but with the proper resources, it will be a success! 

Here are our TOP FIVE planning resources for Tri-Cities brides:

  1. Pinterest

If you don’t already have a Pinterest, now is the time to get one! Pinterest is an excellent source of inspiration with an ever-growing number of pictures of venues, dresses, rings, shoes, hair, makeup…you get the idea.

If you do have a Pinterest, odds are you already have a wedding board. We suggest making a brand new board specifically for your wedding and the ideas you are actually interested in. It prevents you from getting too overwhelmed by all the information out there!

  1. is another amazing online resource. It has thousands of articles ranging in topics from the top songs in 2016 to top registry picks for the hipster couple. The Knot also provides you with planning tools such as: wedding checklist, free wedding website, guest list manager, local vendors, links to your registries, wedding day countdown, and a budgeting tool.

We love working with couples that already have a budget in mind for their wedding! So if you want to get bonus points with your DJ, use to create a budget before we meet! We like making deals for people that have a budget in place already!

  1. Event Planner

The job of an event planner is to know everything there is to know about making your dream day a reality. They have connections with all the vendors, experience planning large scale events, and can manage the stress of planning your wedding! While sometimes wedding planners can seem outside your budget, they work hard to deliver a high quality product at a price you can afford and can often save you money on your wedding in the long run.

However, if an event planner is just not feasible, consider meeting with them simply for a consultation. For a little bit of money, they can help you discern exactly how your budget should be split up, who the best vendors are, as well as identify your personal priorities.

We highly recommend working with Trixie at Younique Events & Designs! Please visit her website.

  1. Venue Owner/Manager

When it comes to the wedding business, it’s really important that you are using experienced professionals. Venue owners and managers often have a lot of good connections in the industry. You want your venue to provide a space, but often times they can  help you get connected to the best vendors. The worst thing that can happen on your special day is to be dealing with an amateur. 

We recently DJed for a venue, and were so impressed with the staff, we asked to be their featured DJ’s, and they agreed! Read about our experience with LionsGate here.

And if you’re looking for a venue in Tri-Cities, you might consider them! Please visit their website.

  1. Wedding Swap Groups

One of the best tricks for saving money we’ve found for wedding events is to buy used materials! In these Facebook Group, people post their old wedding supplies at a discount! We’ve seen HUNDREDS of mason jars, jewelry and even old wine barrels for sale. This is a great place for you to find some unique items for your special day at a reduced rate! It’s also beneficial because you’ll be meeting with someone that could give you recommendations on vendors! You might just make a friend! And on that note:

Don’t forget about your friends and family! If you have friends or family that have gotten married recently, they will have lots of information on weddings fresh in their heads. They might be able to recommend the vendors they used or give you a warning on things to stay away from (don’t plan an outdoor wedding without a backup plan).

If you’re having difficulty finding a group, send us a message on our Facebook Page, we can help you find one.

What do you think? Let us know!

Being engaged is such an amazing period of your life, Veronica and Brandon (Owners of Bonsai Audio) were just married actually December 2016. The last thing you want to do is stress over whether the wedding is coming together. Use these resources we’ve provided to help you on your journey, and remember: your wedding will be perfect because at the end of the day, you get to marry the love of your life.


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