Narcotics Anonymous Party: Memoirs of the Tri-Cities Best DJ’s Episode #3

A few weeks ago, we were contacted about renting out karaoke equipment. We’ve done this in the past, it’s not usually a big deal for us. There was one thing that made me stop a moment and think… It’s for a Narcotics Anonymous party.

They wanted me to drop off the equipment, and have one of their members run the karaoke. They just needed our equipment.

My first reaction was one of caution. Should I trust thousands of dollars of equipment in the hands of people that admittedly have a problem with drugs? Aren’t addicts scary people? Would they abuse our equipment? Would they steal anything? Would they be respectful?

These were thoughts that, as I analyzed them, were predictable, but remarkably uncharitable.

These people aren’t addicts. They are recovering addicts. There’s a huge difference.

They are all on different stages of their journey, but this celebration was about celebrating Narcotics Anonymous. A program which has helped people pull themselves out of the nastiest addictions in existence.

As far as communities go, 12-step programs have the most interesting theme holding them together… Their brokenness. They admit that their brokenness is the primary theme that brings them together. They “Admit they have a problem”. And yet through the course of the 12 steps, they are able to celebrate that they may be broken, but they are on the road to recovery. They are celebrating what sobriety means for them. When I came to this realization, I couldn’t NOT set up the equipment for them. I wanted to encourage their celebrating (that’s what Bonsai Audio is all about!).

There was decent attendance I’m told, and I’m sure that their many members all had different reasons for celebrating. Once I changed my perspective and chose to NOT believe the stereotype, and made an informed decision based on my heart, I felt 100% at peace with providing them the Karaoke equipment.

I charged them a damage deposit, which is par for the course when I drop off equipment, and charged them a small fee that was mutually agreed upon. Ultimately they really appreciated us working with the short notice, and the fact we were open to negotiating our prices with them because they were non-profit.

They’ve said that they would spread the word about our company, that we were a joy to work with, and that they’d be hiring us again.

What more could we ask for? Looks like we earned some more loyal and respectful customers! Definitely would do again.

Side Note, if you or someone you know is struggling with a drug problem, and wants to find a way out, I can personally vouch for this group, and would highly recommend checking them out, their website and meeting times.

All our best,

The Bonsai Audio Team

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