The Top 3 Benefits of Using SpeakON Cables vs. 1/4″ or XLR cables

At Bonsai Audio, we use SpeakON cables with our speakers for a variety of reasons. Over the years, we’ve had some embarrassing experiences with using cables that weren’t SpeakON… Like the time someone tripped over a cable during a party and the music comes to a screeching halt… Or like when someone accidentally plugged a 1/4″ amplifier output into a 1/4″ inch into a mixer input, blasted the music into the mixer so loudly I damaged one of the channels…

There are some real benefits and it can really save you money by help you not mix up your cables. We’ve made the jump to using SpeakON cables for all of our speakers. Here are some of the reasons you should too:

  1. In regards to organization on stage, SpeakON cables are only used for amp to speaker connection, so it’s impossible for there to be any confusion with 1/4″ cables or XLR cables. Especially if I have a helper, or volunteers to help us with cables, it’s nice to be able to tell people which cables go where and during cleanup, which cables belong in which bins.
  2. Many times, especially when a DJ is taking requests, guests will walk behind the speakers. SpeakOn cables have a lock that is enabled/disabled by a twisting motion, so if someone were to trip over a cable, the cable would not come out, thus eliminating the danger of tripping over a cable killing the music.
  3. SpeakON cables are thickly shielded, so if a person were to touch the cable, there would be no potential for electrical shock. Operating a business in this manner means things are much safer this way, especially with the high voltage as sound systems get more powerful.

There are a lot more benefits to using SpeakON cables, but the honest truth is just that if you’re going to be a sound professional, you definitely need to be using SpeakONs for high voltage sound applications.

Here’s an affiliate link for some affordable 50′ SpeakON cables if you’re interested in checking them out. If you click the link and buy them, we’ll earn about $1.

Note: One other thing to keep in mind for SpeakON cables, is that they have 2 kinds of ends which are incompatible with each other. The Neutrik NL2FX 2-Pole SpeakON Cable Connector and the Neutrik NL4FX 4-Pole speakON Cable Connector.

If you’re wanting to use SpeakON cables, please make sure you’re using the correct connector for your speaker/amp. 


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