Top 3 Reasons NOT to Hire a DJ for Your Wedding

While we would love to say you should always hire a DJ, sometimes it just isn’t the right fit. Don’t get us wrong, we would love to work with you! But these are the three main reasons we think people should consider not hiring a DJ.

1) You don’t actually want one

Weddings are one of those things where everyone seems to feel obligated to tell you their opinions. From your second-cousin’s aunt’s best friend to your ever nosy Uncle Bob, people tend to get a little crazy when the wedding bells toll — and every one of them, of course, seem to think they know best.

Don’t let pushy friends and relatives be pushy. It’s okay to listen to their opinions and then quietly disregard them, and it is equally okay to gently yet firmly tell them that you’ve got it under control.

Obviously, here at Bonsai Audio, we believe in the importance of a good DJ. That being said, we understand that DJing isn’t for everyone. Maybe you prefer live music. Maybe you really just want to spend your wedding budget in other places and don’t mind hooking your iPod up to some speakers and calling it a night. Maybe you aren’t that in to dancing or you are hoping your wedding is more of a low-key, intimate event.

Whatever your reason, remember that this is YOUR wedding. Don’t feel pressured to pay for a service that isn’t that important to you. By ignoring your nosy Uncle Bob’s insistence that your wedding absolutely needs a DJ to be a success, you are saving both your money and your time — as well as the time of that DJ you might have hired too.

2) You don’t have the money

We know that talented, professional DJs with good quality equipment aren’t cheap. When you pay for a DJ, you are getting more than just a mix of music to dance to. You are getting a professional who knows not only how to pick the right tunes, but also how to read the crowd and play the right music at the right time — keeping your guests dancing and entertained all night.

If you are on a tight budget and know that having a high-quality DJ is important to you, make a list of your priorities. You might just find somewhere else you don’t mind cutting costs. The key to rocking a small-budget wedding is knowing exactly where you are willing to splurge, and where you are able to save.

No matter what you do, be honest with the DJ you are working with. If you can’t afford their prices, say so, rather than trying to talk them down. They might be willing to work with you, and if not, you avoid wasting both of your time.

Just like any professional, your DJ is charging what they know they are worth. They put a lot of time and effort into making sure your night is exactly what you hoped for, and their experience, talent and knowledge isn’t to be taken lightly. Just like with wedding photography, catering, florists, event planners, etc., you get what you pay for. If you aren’t willing or able to pay what your DJ is worth — whether you can afford those prices or not — be courteous and look elsewhere.

3) Your venue has restrictions that may make it difficult to have a DJ

Sometimes, the venue you have chosen — whether it be your dream venue or simply what you could afford — makes it difficult or impossible to have a DJ. The venue could have space limitations, leaving no place for a DJ to set up. Similarly, some venues have only room for a small dance floor or none at all. Sometimes, having a DJ can also conflict with a venues rules. For instance, some venues don’t allow loud music and others have in-house sound systems that only play XM Radio.

Whatever the reason, make sure you discuss these limitations with your DJ as soon as possible. If your DJ can work around the problems, it may take some extra prep time. If they are unable to work with the venue, you will want some extra time on your hands to examine your options — whether that be forgoing a DJ and coming up with a different solution for your wedding’s music and entertainment, or searching for another venue that better suits your needs.


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