Name: Veronica

Position: Owner and Office Manager

Favorite Music Genres: 90’s Boy Bands, Tropical House, Christmas

Favorite DJ Moment: Last year we had the opportunity to DJ for Beautifully Inspired, an organization that helps support families that have opened their homes to foster children. At this event I realized that I was passionate about adoption and foster care and wanted to continue supporting organizations like Beautifully Inspired and the amazing work they do for the families who take in foster children.

Favorite Kind of Events to DJ: Weddings or any event where there’s a lot of dancing!

Favorite Sports Team: Gonzaga Bulldogs

Favorite Meal: Yellow curry

Favorite Place to Meet with Clients: Typically I like to meet with clients at local coffee shops, my favorites being The Local or Kagens.

Favorite City to Visit: There’s too many to count, I love travelling!

Favorite TV Show: The Office

Favorite Book: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin or the Harry Potter Series

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